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What is Situs?

Situs refers to where something is physically located.   Situs is the actual or assumed location of a property for purposes of taxation.  A parcel’s street address is its situs address.  The word situs is latin for “site” (or location)

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What is a Municipality?

A municipality is an incorporated area of the county such as a City, Town or Village.

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What are Improvements?

Improvements are buildings or other relatively permanent structures, such as extra features, located on or attached to the land

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What Are the FHA Loan Limits for My Area?

FHA loan limits restrict the size of mortgages that can be insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).   You can look up the FHA loan limits for your area.

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If Your Loan Was Declined by One Lender, Can You Use Another Lender?

Yes, ..sometimes one Lender will decline a Buyer and deny a deal.   As a Buyer, you can find a new mortgage Lender.   When a Buyer has a loan declined for any reason, he or she should ask for a detailed explanation of the facts (and request a denial letter) to provide to the new Lender.    Always [...]

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What is a USDA loan?

U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) mortgages which are also called rural housing mortgages, help borrowers purchase in rural areas with 100 % financing.   Click to find out if a house is in an eligible location of Florida.

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