Real property ownership rights are the private rights of ownership.

Right of disposition- The right permits the owner to sell, mortgage, dedicate, give away, or otherwise dispose of all or any portion of the property.

Right of use- This right entitles the owner to uninterrupted use and control of his or her land in any manner consistent with local laws.

Right of possession- This right allows an owner to occupy the permises in privacy with maximum legal control over entry and use of that property.    An owner acquires the right of possession of a property on the day that owner becomes legally entitled to the rents or income from such property, even though the owner may not have set foot on the land itself.

Right of exclusion (quiet enjoyment)- This right allows for an owner to control entry onto his or her land without interference and to collect damages for certain forms of trespass.  Other parties must have permission to enter the land of an owner with this right.   This right also has been modified by judicial decisions and legislation.