A deed is a written instrument that conveys title to real property.  It is an instrument of conveyance whereby title to real property is transferred from one party to another.  The two parties to a deed are the grantor (owner giving title) and the grantee (new owner receiving title). 

Quitclaim deed- The quitclaim deed is a deed by which the grantor quitclaims unto the grantee all of his or her rights, title and interest to the property.  The grantor makes no warranties about the quality or extent of the title being conveyed.  This form of deed is useful for clearing existing or potential coulds on the title

Bargain and sale deed- The Bargain and sale deed is a deed conveying real property without covenants.    The grantor does not covenant or warrant to defend the title against any future claims or attacks on the title.

Special warranty deed- The special warranty deed is where the grantor does not warrant the title in any way or manner except against acts by the grantor or the grantor’s representative.   The grantor guarantees that nothing has been done to encumber or cloud the title during his or her ownership.   This is the type of deed that most large corporations use when selling property.  Special warranty deeds are also used by lenders who have foreclosed on property.   The grantor (lender) only assumes title responsibility for the period that the property was owned by the lender thus avoiding title liability for the period prior to foreclosure.

General warranty deed-  The general warranty deed contains all the convenants and warranties available to give the grantee every possible future guarantee to title protection.   This deed contains three unique covenants:

  1. Quiet enjoyment guarantees peaceful possession undisturbed by claims of title
  2. Further assurance guarantees the grantor will sign and deliver any legal instrument that might be required to make the title good in the future.
  3. Warranty forever guarantees the grantor will forever warrant and defend the grantee’s title against all lawful claims.